Is a single person’s boat with a closed cockpit which is sealed with a spreydeck to help keep the water out!  And is paddled with a double blade paddle.
Our introduction day’s are designed for beginners and those with some knowledge. Giving you an introduction to the art of paddling a kayak. Kayaking is one of the hardest disciplines to lean, especially when trying to keeping it in a straight line.
Our coaches will teach you the skills needed to allow you to accompany him on a 5 mile river trip (only available on full days).

Open Canoeing

Our Canoeing trips are great for stag and hen parties looking for a fun day out whilst under the supervision of qualified instructors. Equipped with safety equipment such as buoyancy aid and paddle.
The day will start with a short practice session where your guide will teach you the basic skills before he leads you downstream. Along the way he will teach you further skills, which will be handy for the games you will be playing along the way.
Half day you will cover 5 miles and full day 10 miles.

Raft Building

Barrels, planks, ropes and water are a recipe for a thorough soaking and great fun.

The sheltered waters of the Wye at Glasbury is a great place to spend a few hours building your own raft to compete against other teams. Do your team have the expertise to construct a raft which will carry the team across the river in a series of races, or will it fall apart after the first race? Only time will tell.